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Contact Information tel 81-858-24-6200

General Information

Check-in 15:00 (Last check-in time 21:00)
Check-out 11:00
Credic card JCB / VISA / UFJ NICOS / UC / DC Card / MasterCard / UnionPay / DISCOVER / Diners / American Express
Parking We do have a parking lot. For 30 cars Free
Policy for cancellation Charges for cancellation
The day of check-in          100% of the daily charge
Previous day of check-in    50% of the daily charge
3-2 days before check-in   30% of the daily charge
4-7 days before check-in   20% of the daily charge
Cancellation without notice Charges for cancellation without notice
100% of the daily charge

Facilities and services

Facilities in the hotel

 Hall for a party / Meeting room / Bending machines / Laundry mat / Wi-Fi available in the entire Hotel

Food services

Dinners are served at Kaiyotei, a famous local Japanese restaurant.

This Hotel has contracted with Kaiyotei, which is well-known for the Japanese seafood in Tottori, to serve the delicacies of seafood.

The pictures are images of the dishes served at Kaiyotei.  A variety of menus are shown depending upon seasons.


The famous local Japanese restaurant, Kaiyotei, serves various menu under the contract with this Hotel.  

To those guests with the Dinner Plan, also to the other guests:

Kaiyotei’s chef and staff members serve the dinner at this Hotel.  They cook at the kitchen for the fresh warm Japanese seafood.  Considering guests who are allergic to some food, the guests are welcome to bring in the food and cook in the kitchen on their own.


Breakfast of Japanese food is served by the Kaiyotei.  

As a morning special, we serve Sunaba Coffee.

・The guests without the Breakfast Plan can pay at the breakfast.

Karaoke room

Charges: 2,000 yen per room per hour (plus tax)

Sizes of the rooms: From 2 people to up to 12 people

Time for service: 11:00 – 23:00

・Reservations requested.

Big public bath

Misasa Onsen area has been famous for hot spring with rich radium for years.  The ray from the radium in the hot spring enhance metabolic function of the body as well as imune system and natural curing power.
The hot spring at our Hotel (To-En-Kan) is available just for the hot spring with a charge of 150 yen per person.

Just for the hot spring in the Hotel
Available during 11 AM - 9 PM
adult 500yen children 250yen (tax included)

Hot spring bath for men

Hot spring bath for women

Hotel rooms

Twins (Non-smoking): 3 rooms
They are available for any tourists including couples.

Tatami rooms, 8 mat-wide rooms (Non-smoking): 6 rooms
A twin room is available for 1 for a single use or up to 3 people.

Tatami rooms, 10 mat-wide rooms (Non-smoking): 3 rooms
Each room is available for 1 for a single use up to 4 people.

Sweet room (Non-smoking): 1 room
Only one room is available each day.
A gorgeous room with Japanese and western styles.

Facilities in the room

liquid crystal TV, refrigerator, washlet toilet, electiric hot-water-pot, hair-dryer, towels, bathroom towels, Robes, solid soaps, liquid body-soap, linse-in-shampoo, teeth-brush set, razors, calms, tea-serve set

Access map

By cars,

It takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes from Osaka.
Along the express highways:  From Suita IC, throught the Chugoku Express Highway to Insho IC to National Rd. No. 179 and to Hotel, Toh-En-Kan.

Google Map

From Okayama, it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Okayama IC throught the Okayama Express Highway, Kitabo Junction, throught the Chugoku Express Highway, Ochiai Junction, throught the Yonago Express Highway, Yuhara IC, and to the Hotel (Toh-En-Kan)

Google Map

When coming to the hotel by car navigation system, you can inform us if you designate a telephone number: 0858-43-0631 (formerly: Grand Pas inn misasa).

With the JR

From Osaka areas
Osaka Station with Super Hakuto Express Train to Kurayoshi Station (about 3 hours from Osaka), take a bus to Onsen Iriguchi (about 15 minutes), then to Toh-En-Kan.

From Okayama areas
Okayama Station with Super Inaba Express Train to Kurayoshi Station (about 1 hour and 40 minutes from Okayama), to Tottori, take another JR train to Kurayoshi (about 1 hour), take a bus to Onsen Iriguchi (about 15 minutes),

By air,

From Tokyo areas
Haneda Airport to Tottori Airport (about 1 hour and 15 minutes), take an express bus for Misasa Onsen (about 1 hour), then to Toh-En-Kan.

Haneda Airport to Yonago Airport (about 1 hour and 20 minutes), take a JR from Yonago to Kurayoshi (about 1 hour),  take a bus to Onsen Iriguchi (about 15 minutes), then to Toh-En-Kan.

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